Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Will insurance cover my stay at Casa Maria Health Care Center and Pecos Valley Rehabilitation Suites?

    Coverage for resident stays will vary by individual insurance policies. Our staff will work with you and your provider in order to verify insurance coverage. Please note that pre-authorizations are not a guarantee of payment and only your insurance carrier is able to make such determinations.

    2) What are the visiting hours for Casa Maria Health Care Center & Pecos Valley Rehabilitation Suites?

    We encourage visitation and we do ask that you please be respectful of residents in the area during your visits. If you arrive after dark, please ring the bell for staff assistance.

    3) Does the facility do the laundry?

    Our staff provides laundry services, but if you and/or the resident prefers, you may take your loved one's laundry home and return it once laundered. For our residents in the Pecos Valley Rehabilitation Suites, there is a washer and dryer available for your convenience.

    4) What time is meal time?

    Meal time will vary with the needs of our residents and the location of their meal. Generally, however, breakfast begins at 7:30, lunch begins at 12 noon, and dinner begins at 5:30.

    5) If I don’t have a doctor, do you provide one?

    We encourage you to contact your primary care physician to ensure he is credentialed with our facility. Should you need a physician, we are happy to provide you with a list of physicians that are credentialed with our facility.

    6) Where will I see my doctor?

    Some physicians will make rounds in the facility. If your physician does not come to the facility, we will provide you with local transportation to your doctor’s office. Please make an appointment with our transportation specialist.

    7) Does the facility furnish all linens?

    Yes, the facility supplies all linens.

    8) How can I get a tour of your facility?

    Casa Maria: You are welcome to take a tour at any time. If you would like a guided tour with specific information for your situation, please contact our Admissions Coordinator for an appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Please enter through the main entrance.

    PVRS: You are welcome to take a tour at any time. If you would like a guided tour with specific information for your situation, please contact our Concierge at 575-910- 9457. Please enter through the PVRS entrance located at the SW side of the building.

    9) How is PVRS different from the nursing home?

    Pecos Valley Rehab Suites has specific admission criteria that we will review with you during your tour. The primary difference is that it is focused on orthopedic surgery recovery care for patients who will return home to their independent status in less than 30 days. Casa Maria provides services for long-term care residents.